Only the Good Die Young

by Sean

"I'm too old for this shit" the NCO thought to himself, shaking his head to try to clear the ringing from his ears and the tunnel vision from his eyes. The I.E.D. had detonated close to the humvee, lifting it and spinning it around. Ptang-tang-tang he heard, as small caliber rounds impacted with the armor plating on his vehicle. "SKI, Light'em up!" he roared, smacking the thigh of his turret gunner, which was just inches away from his head. Hearing no response, no "Got it Sarge," feeling no rocking vibrations from the huge M-2 .50cal firing, he leaned over to look up at his gunner. Seeing the lifeless body, the helmet and part of the top his head blown away by the explosion he screamed in his head, the rage building: "FUCK, SKI, NO, NOT SKI, HE'S JUST A FUCKING KID!"


Sean is just a Regular Joe.


Madam Z said...

So sad, so true. Sounds like a first-hand account. Is it?

Sean said...

no, fortunately. but it came close. and this time i'm taking some really young kids over there with me, and i've got alot of weird feelings about it.

Joe said...

A well-written and realistic six.

Jim McKee said...

I am trying to get an invite to Sean's blog. Can anyone help? Please email me if so. Thanks.