One Little Christmas Tree

by Rosie Adams

The one we've chosen is a four foot Norwegian that claims to possess excellent needle retention, good branching, and a scent far superior to that of its fellow trees. When we get it home and take it out of the netting we see that it leans precariously to the left and is missing numerous branches. There isn't enough tinsel in the world. We sigh and it just wobbles apologetically. We sigh again, louder. I know you feel I've let you down, it says, but trust me, you could never feel as let down with me as I do with myself.


Rosie Adams is a nineteen-year-old student from London, England. She likes writing very short stories and singing very loudly.


Leatherdykeuk said...

But it turned out to be the best tree ever and saved little Timmy's life?

Loved it :)

Bob Jacobs said...

A tree with real character. Cute 6S.

Madam Z said...

Yes, we Norwegians do tend to lean "to the left" and we're notoriously self-effacing. Give it some love and sunshine and you'll all feel better.

Frank Morgan said...

I think this story is really about you.