Midnight Snack

by Peggy McFarland

The toddler’s eyes grew wide at the large green dragon with purple spots looming over the side of her crib, cooking french fries. He exhaled a low flame to crisp the potato wedge before he offered it to the child. She reached for the fry, grasped it in her chubby fist and... nothing. After the fifth attempt, she howled. “Shh, you’re having a bad dream,” mom soothed after running to the child’s room. No, not bad, frustrating, the child wanted to say, but she didn’t have the words, plus mom rubbed her forehead - the memory of fries and the dragon erased.


Peggy McFarland, author of Cheated, was thrilled to learn she was a finalist for the Word Smitten 1010 contest. It truly was great to be considered. When frustrated, she no longer rubs her forehead.


Leatherdykeuk said...

That was really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Ah,if it were only that simple. Maybe some pediatric mylanta. :-) Nice thought.

Jeanette Cheezum