Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah

by Tara Lazar

She chooses green for the shamash candle, her favorite color, and delights in arranging the rest in rainbow ROYGBIV order - with, of course, an extra green. She will not eat the latkes, even though she calls herself a vegetarian and ordinarily wolfs down french fries. Something about the way the potatoes are shredded apart and then lumped back together again makes her nervous. And the sour cream, it is not at all like whipped cream! Oh well, what can we do, she's only four ("and a half!" she corrects). Happy Hanukkah, Eliana!


Tara Lazar wishes everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous holiday season. She is the author of The Creature and is admittedly addicted to Six Sentences. You can find her not-so-anonymously at Anonymom.


Joe said...

Very cute and from such a sweet perspective. Happy Holidays to all, indeed.

mgirl said...

So Cute!

Tara said...

I should probably also mention Happy Hanukkah to my other daughter, Autumn, who will no doubt find this website umpteen years later and ask why I did not include her in this tale--and use the supposed parental favoritism against me in her own 6S. I shall remind her that she could not yet talk and that she ate all food placed in front of her without argument--a dream child! Ha!

Madam Z said...

Eliana truly made it a "festival" of lights. And I kind of agree with her about the latkes. What a sweet little girl.