Cat Toy

by Carolyn Carceo

Blizzy waits, her tiny soft feet poised to pounce, her golden eyes bright with joy and laughter, muscles under speckled fur ready for action. I throw her large yellow cloth rat against the wall, and she leaps, batting it out of the air. She falls over on the bed, rat in paws; she bats it around, bites and kicks. She sees me watching, and bats the rat toward me. Those eyes are laughing at me, as she waits for me to throw it again. I ask, who's the cat toy?


Carolyn Carceo, author of Alone Again, lives on Massachusetts' North Shore and works in Boston.


Joe said...

Written from a viewpoint only a cat owner could and totally captures the manic and uproarious natures of our feline friends. Great narrative. This one gets two paws up. LOL

leatherdykeuk said...

I love this one :) Perfect cat observation.