Undone by Love

by Jennifer Weber

The kiss started in the still humid air just before his lips reached mine, which were already trembling. At first his soft mouth did not crush or crease my own mouth but simply cruised it, like a savvy shopper eying tempting wares. Then the pressure started and I felt a frisson of current originating in my pinky toes, using my hot-honey veins as migratory routes, finally ending in my brain, which cried for more. When I breathed his fertile scent my lungs knew what it was to experience the unique air of a prestigious address smack-dab in the center of paradise. It was at once prophecy and revelation, sting and poultice, advance and retreat. Dark lines appeared through every item on my to-do list; undone thus, loving him was all I had left to do.


Jennifer Weber is a court reporter occupying an empty nest in South Carolina. When she grows up she wants to be a writer.


Joe said...

What a wonderful and electric piece of writing! None of it is wasted. It is warm, tender, erotic and passionate without being graphic. Something to warm the reader on this cold winter's day and make them wonder what ever happened to that first love's kiss. It is extremely well-written and writing of which DH Lawrence would have been envious! Great title, as well.

Julie said...

Nice one, Same as always. Luv ya!

Madam Z said...

Yeah! What Joe said. I especially like (and identify with) this line: "the pressure started and I felt a frisson of current originating in my pinky toes." Oh, and this one: "When I breathed his fertile scent..."


Adam J. Whitlatch said...

Beautiful! Jennifer's writing can be summed up in one word... Electric. But not shocking, more of a tingle. You know the feeling I mean, and if you don't... SHAME ON YOU! Get out there and live!

Well done, Jennifer.