Sometimes She Dreams of Spain

Part 4 of 6 by Nathan Tyree

Raj has ideas like others have heartbeats, each one racing and raving in his subconcious like a loon. Not that the observer can notice, but Raj is on fire. Each silent moment intensifies the forging heat where he focuses his attention. When he jokingly kissed your hand in Organic Chemistry, why did you flinch away from his sandalwood skin? For in this one moment all of his ideas and passions were distilled into one simple devotional act towards you. You could have become a patroness to his peculiar genius, were you not blinded by the faint scent of curry, the cheap shoes.


Nathan Tyree is the author of Sometimes She Dreams of Spain, Part 3 and How to Make Love Like a Zombie.

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Robert Prinsloo said...

Nice writing, Nathan. Your snippets of prose are gentle and poetic, and now I await parts five and six in the series.