PTA Newsletter

by Tara Lazar

Mrs. Carol Freeling, JFK Middle School PTA President, took the name of our organization a little too literally this month when she engaged in an affair with Mr. Garibaldi, eighth-grade Biology teacher. Sharon Fines, PTA Secretary, reports that the flirtation began at the annual Election Day Bake Sale, when Mrs. Freeling wore a fitted shirt emblazoned with the phrase “Jersey Tomatoes are the Best” and Mr. Garibaldi asked to sample the merchandise, and he did not mean the tomato and basil focaccia, submitted by Marie DeCecco (look for Marie’s recipe in our next issue). Patricia Needles, PTA Treasurer, calculates that the bake sale raised $33.75 towards the seventh-grade sex ed assembly program, “Worth Waiting For.” PTA Vice President Lauren Kindler will serve as acting President until Mrs. Freeling returns from her impromptu Caribbean vacation. Mr. Simon French, teacher’s aide and graduate student, will substitute for Biology periods 1-4 while Mrs. Jody Turnblatt will return from maternity leave early to preside over periods 5-7. Volunteers are needed for next month’s Silent Auction; please contact Sharon Fines to register.


Tara Lazar, author of Grades of Friendship, loves trying to compose witty bios that make her sound interesting, but often fails. She is currently participating in one too many bake sales. You can find her not-so-anonymously here.


Quin said...

imagine the tingling when they call

"O69!" at bingo.

Anonymous said...

wonderful, laughed out loud

Tara said...

Quin, good idea for a sequel! LOL!

Lori said...

I agree--I would love to see that sequel! Your latest installment was so beautiful--sounds like it could have come out of a real newsletter with all the details in it.

About that number--I used to have to punch in a code to get into the place I worked, and I almost always got there at the same time as a gorgeous blue-eyed blonde boy--I cringed everytime I had to key "6969"! I had to start my day with, "Thou shalt have no dirty thoughts about the cute boy . . ."

Thank you for the unintentional writing prompt--I think I will run with it!

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