by Philip Alexander Rex

An entire world was blessed with the gift of you and I'm damn lucky enough to be part of it. Whether I'm 15 minutes or 15,000 miles away, you're never too far as long the heart still beats with the same pulse that's keeping me alive. I see you in my minds eye and feel invincible in the face of all loneliness, lovesickness, homesickness, sickness, whatever; in retrospect, my solitude from this distance is a true test of how much I really want you, so let me be the first to reassure you that I will see this through. You are worth everything I feel and my resolve is unshaken no matter how my insides scream for your presence to be felt; count on me to be the same person you promised to share a love with and I swear by the very force that is making me write right now, I will not fail you. I think of you and immediately the poisons that are doubt, fear, anxiety, and weakness melt away; all that is left is the bright light of a promise I made. With you, "life" is no longer the only four letter word that means everything to me Cess.


Philip Alexander Rex is a freelance photographer, a part-time creative writer, and a full-time businessman. He turns pictures into words, words into ideas, ideas into cash. (But not always in that order.)