Old Major

by Jason Plett

It's nature's way, son, echoed in young Rudiger's mind, watching his father tie Old Major to the fence post. Running to the fence, Rudiger grabbed onto Old Major like he was trying to transfer his own youth to his old worn out friend. A shiny new cartridge was being inserted into that beautifully hand tooled 30 caliber. "Get in the house, boy," the old cowboy barked; a tear broke through a weathered face, invisible under the large black brimmed Stetson. "Goodbye old friend," he whispered. Boom.


Jason Plett is just some guy on the high prairie of Wyoming.


Bob Jacobs said...

A touching debut, Jason. Thanks for posting.

billy said...

I am not surprized that you had it in you. I am howver, surprized that you actually went through the neccesary motions to get some work out there. I dug the tale and truly mean it. My father was killed the same way.