Have Another Piece

by Ashley Bishop

This morning I played with the belly fat jiggling over my underwear. I'm slender enough still, except for that, and still own the pants I wore only just last year, even though they don't fit any more, because I can see me then. I can see my flat stomach, toned legs, elegant arms, and I can see myself as I was when I was one of "those" girls. You know the ones; those girls who are so confident in their youth and strength and never-will-I-die beauty. The ones who look at people like me and say to themselves, "I will never be that woman." But I can see the hill now, too, and the death that waits on the other side, and I wonder, as I reach for another chocolate, if it's worth the fight.


Ashley Bishop is many things, but mostly, she's just Ashley. Someone once said to her, "You know, I just can't put you in a box," and that was the nicest compliment she's ever had.