Dead Gray

by Beth Bunt

Her heart pounded inside her like hoofs on Kentucky ground in May as she stood over the sink. Brilliant red stained her hands and slid like rubies from her fingertips as diamonds slid from her eyes. Her range of emotions spanned light years, from grief to elation, to sadness, to joy, fear, and relief as she realized she was free to start over now and become someone new. A deep slow pause followed as the reality of what she had done started to reach her soul and like the burn of whiskey lit a fire inside her. Doubt gripped her heart with a fierceness that took her breath away. She wanted to take it back, to rewind and make a different choice, and just as panic started to take over, she saw it... semi-permanent, washes out in 28 days.


Beth Bunt is a hard working mother of three whose only escape is in words.