Tell Someone Who Cares, Please…

by Madam Z

My husband and I just returned from an unintended visit with a woman who was having a yard sale. We were her only customers and she started talking to us, telling us that she had just been diagnosed with lung cancer and is starting chemo next week. She's only 43, has smoked since she was 14, and was puffing away (through her tears) the whole time we were there. She told us that her mother is an adventurer who has kayaked all over the world, and her father, who had a sex change operation recently, at age 65, is going to be visiting her tomorrow and she’s worried because she doesn’t know whether she’s supposed to call him “Dad” or “Mom.” Her two kids, age 10 and 13, left her three weeks ago to go live with their father, who divorced her last year, and that is just the tip of her story iceberg. Tom and I skittered away from there like frightened mice, vowing to never go anywhere near that house again.


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