Taking Notice

by Rion

In the amount of time it takes to remember to breathe, the woman attained it. She was lucid. And walking in her quiet neighborhood, driving on the highway at 80mph examining the dirt beneath her fingernails, talking to a colleague – it was now impossible to lose the aliveness injected into each second. Possibility filled her like an alien Casanova pushing some weird sex achingly and thrillingly intimate into her every pore. All this she gained, dear seekers, at the minimal cost of paying attention. All this from rending the boundary between psychics and physics, removing the training wheels lashed to the wings of her soul.


Rion (Amy Chesbro) is an Alaskan transplant to Michigan, with a technical job and a creative mind. Her website, Raincoat Flashers, beckons longingly to you. That’s it, watch my finger. Go. To. The. Site. You are getting very... sleepy...