The Stream

by Dustin R. Packwood

Shedding armor, I slowly stumble towards the silently murmuring stream. I collapse in the soft moss on its banks and stab my shaking hands into the cold water. The blood reluctantly releases its hold on my skin and joins the flow of the water; crimson ribbons snake away from me. Thinking back to the battle, my mind tortures me with images of families - brothers, fathers, sons - cut down like wheat beneath the scythe. I catch my reflection on the ripples of the stream, and cannot help but notice the deadened, lost look in my eyes. With a shock, I realize that I know myself no longer.


Dustin R. Packwood has spent all 24 years of his life wishing for a pet dragon. He continues to believe that the world would be a better place with wizards, magic, and kingdoms.


Madam Z said...

Life sucks and then you die. Poignant six, Dustin.

P.S. Watch for the Fedex truck. I'm sending you a "pet dragon."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Life sucks and then you die."


Yes, I'm going to have to suppose that's a strong theme in my writing.

Thank you both so much for the feedback!