Out! Damned Cat!

by Anita Hunt

I feel so guilty, so awful, my insides all mushy and blackened like a rotting potato. She stares at me, never blinking, burning down my defiant attempt to ignore her with her one red eye. My defenses weakening, I reach for the bag only to find it nearly weightless as I shake it, the empty silence confirming my worst fears - I will have to get up. Intimidation through torture begins as tiny white contrails of dry skin follow the path of her claws slowly scraping across my arm. I jump from my seat, towering over her, a menacing giant only to be ripped down to size as that red laser cuts me gutless. Her humbled servant, I return from the kitchen with a new bag, filling her bowl with tasty, tuna, crunchy tidbits.


Anita Hunt, author of Tan Lines, is a high school art teacher, an artist, a mom, a grandma, and a Professor of Neat Stuff.