by Samantha Entwistle

The playground is always the great leveler. Thinking I looked well put together in the yard and ready for the world, I stood there while Claire ripped something off the front of my shirt. We all looked at it; I snatched it back and reapplied it to the gape between my buttons. "It’s tit tape, I got it off eBay," I explained. "Oh, I did wonder what it was..." commented ValĂ©. "Well, you should have ordered extra buxom," Claire pointed out.


Samantha Entwistle is up north.


anton said...

Nothing scarier than young girls in packs.

Anonymous said...

"Buttons" is a good title, but you missed a golden opportunity. "Tit Tape" is an excellent title.

Bob Jacobs said...

You learn something new every day. Today, I learned about something called tit-tape. Thanks Samantha.