Tales from the Household

by Gina Perry

Spare the rod, spoil the child; spoil the rod, spare the child. Rod the child, spoil the spare. The spare child spoil the rod. The spare rod spoil the child. The child spoil the spare rod: the child spoil the rod spare. The child rod the spare spoil, the child rod the spoil spare.


Gina Perry, author of Cacti or Bust, is a writer and storyteller in Manchester, England. She likes to entertain herself in pubs/bars/cafes/parks by asking strangers to tell her stories, true or otherwise. (She now also has an aversion to rods, children, spoiling, spares and the word "the.")

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Madam Z said...

How many spoiled children can dance on the spare head of a rod? The answer is hidden in this six. Thank you for the smile, Gina.