The Pit

by Jennifer Shubinski

Letting go of his mommy’s hand, Sam took each worn foam stair with purpose, one after the other. Using all his strength, he hoisted himself onto the platform, with a little boost from mommy. He stood on the platform, finger in his mouth, contemplating the scene of green and yellow foam blocks below. Sam had been to this height before, only to back down step by step into his mommy’s arms. Taking a breath and his finger out of his mouth, he fleetingly looked into his mommy’s eyes before looking away and jumped, down, down, down into the foam pit below. He struggled to the top, met his mommy’s eyes and uttered one word: Again?


Jennifer Shubinski, as a former journalist, was dictated by word and “inch” count. She finds a sentence count much more civilized and enjoys writing about whatever sparks her interest and imagination.


Bob Jacobs said...

Reminds me of the first time I abseiled.

Nice 6S.

Madam Z said...

So sweet! I love it.

Rod said...

Nicely conceived and strongly written ... the message of the ending is sad but honest and human