Ill At Ease

by Elizabeth Joyner

The intent look in his eye made it obvious he was trying to ruin her plans for the next four years, and she couldn't decide if she would fall for it. Looking back into those eyes that usually seemed so empty; she felt something for the first time since they started their awkward mix of friendship with sex. Typically when he left her for the night, as the sun was rising over the parallel apartment buildings, she was left with a feeling of triviality. She would walk back through her apartment door, straight to the bedroom and fall asleep for what seemed like days just to avoid dissecting the conversations of the evening. This time was a catastrophe, and words left from the previous night were a thousand waves hitting her in the face all at once until she could not breathe. For once she stayed conscious, preparing documents to show why she could not leave him for the next four years, preparing for the wrath of two United States Navy recruiters shouting at her for an hour as to why she never told them she had asthma before signing papers.


Elizabeth Joyner is an English major. She lives in Orlando, Florida.


Bob Jacobs said...

Nice 6S, Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

Whether the asthma was fact or fiction, I hope she will not be disappointed with her decision.
Good 6S.

Shaindel said...

Nice work, Beth! :-) I like the rhythm and truth of "awkward mix of friendship and sex" and "feeling of triviality"...

I can't believe I have three students all on one 6S page--you, Tana, and Alana. I hope you read each other's work.

Take care,

P.S. I have a 6S up tomorrow.