The Desk Job

by Tana Velen

The secretary sat at her desk in the front office watching the employees converge for brief moments to get their mail, and then disband into their separate departments on separate sides of the building. At lunch time she would walk past the poorly stitched grey fabric of the cubicles that enclaved every desk. Inside of them she saw the employees using the required instant messaging program on their computers to communicate throughout the office. Today she was told to alphabetize the mail bins and for the first time ever, Marcus Shelling from Recruitment was next to Mallory Sullinsky from Compensation. When she finished she sat back at her desk and looked at the final product. Though in perfect order, she had never seen so many people so misplaced.


Tana Velen is currently attending the University of Central Florida and plans on graduating next year with a Bachelor's in Creative Writing. In the future she plans on getting her MFA, thus improving her skills so she can write all day while living in the guest house of one of her rich lawyer friends.