The Tip

by Emily McPhillips

A man goes to the tip; in his car he has taken all his outlets of communication, a telephone, a mobile phone and a computer. He has covered them in a blanket; they sit in the back of his car looking very cared for. He then reaches in for these commodities of his and throws them into the tip, hurling them as far as he can, like a javelin thrower. He smiles at the sound of a gratifying crash as they hit the heap of broken beds, tables, busted television sets. He rests against the hood of his car and looks at the pile of rubbish rising high before him, watching as other cars park up and more objects begin to fly through the air. He leaves his car where it is parked and he walks home, his hands in his empty pockets.


Emily McPhillips was born in 1985. She lives in Manchester where she studies Journalism at Salford University. She has recently had her work published on 3am Magazine and Straight From The Fridge, and has work forthcoming for Dogmatika.