Resistance is Futile

by Cosmicrayola

We are the blog-borg-collective. We are black, white, yellow, American, Chinese, European, and a multitude of other colors, races, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We dare to share our words where no one has shared them before (the electronic age). We have opened new worlds to the hearing impaired, the shut-ins, the lonely, the bedridden, and the elderly that yesterday was out of reach so that they too can be heard, be involved and actively participate in the world. We have helped out new moms, we have made people laugh and we have offered support, entertainment and a place to blow off steam that may have saved someone from doing something they would regret. If Gene Roddenberry were alive and well, he would probably have a blog called Seven of 2,309,389,246 as we are many.


Cosmicrayola lives in RI with her hubby. She is the mom of two grown children and grandma to five. She just took early retirement and hopes to keep writing. Check out her online journal and her book - If You're Looking for Warm and Fuzzy, Buy a Dog!