The Quiet Street

by T.J. McIntyre

Tom stepped out into the evening, leaving his lighted home behind. Steam rose in a humid wave off the heated asphalt as the stormy afternoon's rain rose from the earth to once again become a cloud. He looked down the quiet street and looked for her, but only felt a meaningful emptiness. He knew he was alone again. The monotonous drone of the interstate filled the air. The nymph had been washed away by the rain, and the magic was lost with her.


T.J. McIntyre, author of Under the Influence, is a writer of speculative and literary fiction from Alabaster, Alabama. His work has appeared recently or is forthcoming in such publications as The Swallow's Tail, 55 Words, and Escape Velocity. In addition to being a being a published author, Mr. McIntyre is currently collecting stories and editing a print anthology, Southern Fried Weirdness 2007: An Annual Anthology of Southern Speculative Fiction, and the e-zine, Southern Fried Weirdness Online.


Anonymous said...

palpable despair. well done.

Anonymous said...

Loved the last line.