Lesbians and Communists

by Katia Hetter

High school cheerleader Lois Lenz is torn between makeout sessions with her best friend and a future that includes the local junior college and marriage. Then her new guidance counselor sets her up with a job at a mysterious Bay City ad agency. In Nolan's send-up of 1950s lesbian pulp novels - there's even evil reefer! - Lois discovers lesbian secrets and Communist conspiracies. Will Lois succeed as a secretary and find true love? Or will Communists destroy her chances for happiness? Nolan squeezes her kicky premise for plenty of juice, leaving the pulp deliciously intact.


Katia Hetter is a book critic for Entertainment Weekly. Her six sentences - taken from the magazine's August 3rd, 2007 issue - are her word-for-word review of Monica Nolan's Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary.