Insane Jealousy = Physical Pain

by Anonymous

I wanted him more than air which elicited all kinds of crazy emotions inside of me. When he introduced me to his girlfriend, I had the audacity to be insanely jealous, a feeling at once foreign and immediately right at home. My heart catapulted in my chest, threatening to choke my very life. My breath got this uneven keel, a half gulping, gasping that couldn't possibly be right, sending a flush through my chest which spread in both directions. I felt myself burning up all the way to my face, while a cool disbelieving sweat broke out on my upper lip and forehead. The green envy crept up my body, squeezing tighter than ivy, putting more itchy venom in me than its cousin poison – I was jealous of her... even though I was the one who was married.


Anonymous isn't really anonymous, but she doesn't feel like giving up her identity right now.