I Can't Stand Being Disappointed

by Jenn Ashworth

It's probably too late for me to be up drinking wine when I've got work tomorrow but it's a good job I am because around midnight the letter box clicks as if something's just been pushed through it. A letter! A love letter from you saying you didn't mean it, you're an idiot, you don't deserve me, you're sorry - and all other manner of nice things about my hair and my skin and my porcelain hips - a bouquet of compliments and maybe a drawing or a poem or a photograph or a lock of your hair or something like that. I tiptoe down the stairs, heart hammering, toes feeling for the way in the dark. It's on the doormat, it's white, it's yellow, it's got writing on it! It's glossy, it's crumpled, it's a flyer for free pizza.


Jenn Ashworth was born in 1982 in Preston, Lancashire. She tries to write autobiography but has a thin grasp of the facts. The memoir turns into short stories and novels, some of which you can read at her website.


Bob Jacobs said...

Jenn, settle for the free pizza.

Nice 6S.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the tip - I suspect you are probably right.

Madam Z said...

Yeah, go for the pizza. It'll have "all other manner of nice things" in it, maybe even "a lock of...hair."

Thanks for this amusing six, Jenn.

dennis said...

great stuff!

Jenn said...

Thank you Madam Z and thankyou Dennis.

I love the idea of being able to order a pizze with 'all other manner of nice things in it'. I imagine it being a bit like a charm bracelet, but a pizza.

You can have little treats in christmas pudding, can't you, so why not pizza? I will open a shop, and call it 'Pizza for the Broken-Hearted Narcissist'

daniel said...

I would most certainly visit your shop.