Blackberry a-buzz

by Virginia Backaitis

Baby, baby, baby, we're out of time... I keep telling myself that it’s just a song, and that it just happens to be playing while I’m here with you, while you’re holding me close, on the dance floor on our wedding day with everyone we love, everyone who loves us, watching. This is the happiest day of my life. You push your hips into mine; I can feel your blackberry vibrating. I wonder who it could be, isn’t everyone we care about, who cares about us, here? Baby, baby, baby we’re out of time, the song plays some more, my Manolo Blahniks too close to your polished Prada’s, scratching the leather, leaving my mark. Baby, baby, baby, we’re out of time... now I’m singing along, thinking about how I made the playlist and how I didn’t put this song on.


Virginia Backaitis, author of Is This Day Not Perfect?, writes fiction, personal essays and articles. If you're interested in reading more of her work, Google!