Pure Bliss

by Jared Wahlgren

In the spring blaze, when all the children were playing, Mark was standing on the white line because he looked up Elise's blouse. He ignored the social standards that most kids adhered to, even though they were too young to know it, or to spelling bee them out loud. As Freud boiled the egg down, sex was a major ingredient. The boys and girls would listen to their sexual education courses, but Mark just stared into space. He smirked as his head was busy conjecturing up images of Jupiter and its moons. Because of this, he wrote good imaginative verse, and this is why he received his only good grade in his writing program.


Jared Wahlgren is the editor of The Flask Review in Boston, where he plays guitar for his grey and white feline. His poems can be found in Beauty/Truth & elimae. His first book, "Chariots of Flame," will be published in December by Maverick Duck Press.