by Quin

One chance. One missed phone call. One unreturned message. One ignored email. One broken date. One chance, because I won't live with the lure of "trust me, I promise" again.


Quin, author of Civics Lesson, is the nom de plume of a woman born and raised in New Orleans, who spent time in Colorado and later in Utah (where theater was discovered and taken to heart). Her children are loved forever, a terrier sleeps at her feet, and words ache to escape onto paper. Her version of life in New York is here.


golfwidow said...

That's powerful. Think we've all been there, done that.

madam z said...

Ah, but they always want "one MORE chance." Poignant post, Quin.

Quin said...

you give your soul, once. we finally swim in the waters where we find comfort, but, we do not kiss... a fleeting kiss promises a future, even if given once. thank you, ladies. and, all that read my words.. thanks.