In the Light of Marci

by Elizabeth Rose

The best stories are always told after a familiar lunch with a familiar face; especially if your companion has skin made of imploded light. "It reminds me of when the KGB was following me in Russia, and we accidentally fell down a manhole but couldn't giggle." This was the sentence that made me brim with anticipation, fuelled further by the honest look in her eyes. And it was almost too beautiful to ask for an explanation, but I couldn't help myself and so she shrugged and poured each word like a simple stroll along a sun drenched street. "Well, they arrested me because I didn't want to leave and interrogated me in the highest building possible because I was scared of heights." Then she says how blessed her life is and her golden hair puts a bounce into your stride as you leave.


Elizabeth Rose, author of Valediction, is a writer and artist living in the south of Spain.