I Want to Be Free

by mgirl

My life is like a shipwreck and I am floating in a lifeboat trying to survive. Fierce waves drive me to the sandy shore, safe from your words and actions. Is it you or is it I that launches my raft out from the safety of the shallow shores back to the dangerous seas of your turmoil and abuse? How long will I play this game before I finally learn that my lifeboat will sink and I will drown? I dream of the warm sands between my toes and solid ground beneath my feet. I no longer want your raging sea, your churning waves, or your bitter words, I want to be free.


mgirl has just started writing, and this is the second piece she's submitted. (The first is here.) She loves to read and write, is from Canada, is forty something and has just become a Grandma. Both of her children have moved out and she spends most of her time now reading, writing and in the garden.