The Endless Night

by T.J. McIntyre

Life crept up behind me like a shadow and whispered in my ear, her warm breath caressed me with a message I didn't understand. I turned around and she was gone. I rode seasick with the ferryman, his rowers slapping the water with steady strokes, the smell of death emanating from the rippling blackness we crossed. I looked forward, strained my eyes to see the other side, and there was nothing but more ocean; I looked behind to see more of the same. Luna rose above me, glistening white, lighting the emptiness, and I saw beauty. A spark of hope for the hopeless.


T.J. McIntyre, author of They Call Me Elijah, is a writer of speculative and literary fiction from Alabaster, Alabama. An insurance agent by day, he spends his free time trying to capture imaginary worlds and daydreams in nets of words. His work has appeared recently or is forthcoming in such publications as The Swallow's Tail, 55 Words, and Escape Velocity. In addition to being a being a published author, Mr. McIntyre is currently collecting stories and editing the upcoming title, Southern Fried Weirdness 2007: An Annual Anthology of Southern Speculative Fiction. More information about him, his writings, and the anthology can be found at Southern Fried Weirdness.