Making a Point

by Rod Drake

Kurt had not seen his ex-girlfriend, Lucy, since she’d left Satan’s Cell Phone, the rock band they had formed together, he writing the music and playing lead guitar, she writing the lyrics and singing, over a year ago. After their third album, Selling My Soul for Pocket Change, peaked at number five on the charts, the band, the tour and Kurt and Lucy fell apart; Lucy felt Kurt was getting too much of the credit for the band’s music, and she let him know it in a screaming, ugly onstage breakup. Lucy nodded at him across the crowded album launch party, thrown for her solo effort, One Size Fits All Is Not True!, which was becoming a huge hit; Kurt smiled shyly in response. She was on her way up, while Kurt’s career was at best, uneven, and he was currently without a band, record contract or even interested music industry executives; obviously, Lucy had been right about who was the real talent in Satan’s Cell Phone. The party eventually thinned out, and Lucy noticed that Kurt was finally walking over to her, having stood alone, looking lost for most of the night, hopefully coming to congratulate her; maybe they could now both leave the past behind them and be at least civil to one another again. As she leaned forward to give him a quick conciliatory hug, Kurt pulled a knife out of his suit jacket and jammed it into her throat, so hard that it pointed out the back of her neck.


Rod Drake, author of Turnabout, believes that the best thing in life is, well, you know. Check out Rod's longer stories in Flashes of Speculation, Fictional Musings, Flash Flooding, Flash Forward and MicroHorror.