by J. Espíno R.

When I left, I cried in the airplane seated in between an older woman with white hair and a younger woman with blonde hair. Departure music played from my earphones - Leaving on a Jet Plane. You told me you were not going to drop me off at the airport when we disagreed about me moving to San Diego. At the check-in gate our eyes fidgeted at each other from anxiety (you came through). Walking towards security alone I inhaled the remnants of your breath that lingered on my lips to preserve a part of you in me. Although we've had our disappointments and sadness before, in that moment seated in the middle aisle, I grieved; there was no hope for our future.


J. Espíno R. was not accepted into an MFA Creative Writing program. She still feels it was unfair.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. Well done!

Val N. Seya said...

that was beautiful. has he seen it? and i luv the little tag at the end: "she still feels it was unfair". write more stuff.