by Eric Feezell

Elaine floated in a haze to center stage where stood the piano, and in her peripheral the ocean of onlookers glowed surreally. Sitting, adjusting the bench, and placing her music upon the stand, she took deep, deliberate breaths to ready herself. The auditorium waited in silence. Pushing softly into the ivory keyboard, her feet gently compressing the pedals below, Elaine began to repeat the perfectly placed movements she had consummated countless times before. For a moment she went on this way, errorless and masterful. It was then, in the second minute of the concerto, that, for whatever reason, Elaine recalled Aloysius Snuffleupagus, in all his mammoth Muppet sublimity, and her performance took a turn for the worse.


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madam z said...

Her perfection was lost in the Snuffle.

hippieange83 said...
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hippieange83 said...

"Try not to think about elephants!" This piece makes me think of my favorite book growing up, Virginia Euwer Wolff's The Mozart Season.