The Porthole

by Heather Leet

The Ship landed without a glitch. As she looked out the porthole at the red land stretching out for miles she was once again stunned by the beauty of it all. This was her fourth trip to the settlement and yet it felt like the first time. She watched as her ship was anchored to the landing pad and the crew began to unload the supplies they had brought with them. As she gathered up her bags and prepared to disembark, she felt the slight jolt as the first explosion went off and she ran back toward the porthole. As the ship slowly ascended back into space she watched as the Martians set off another explosion and the landing crew tried to fight them off.


Heather Leet, author of The Hitchhiker, is a modern day Robin Hood, but instead of stealing from the rich she cajoles them into giving her money to help fund programs that will hopefully one day make the world a better place. She spends not enough time writing on her blog, and hopes to one day publish her collection of Love Poems to Dictators.

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