Hug Goodbye

by Simon Stratton

I walked off to the changing room thinking about the hug goodbye. I did the "squeeze release" with her (where you give a final squeeze and let go) rather than the "pat and out" (where you give them a pat on the back and that signals the letting go). And straight afterwards it was all awkward, as though a line had been crossed. I know a few of her male friends have been telling her that they are in love with her at the moment, and so she is understandably suspicious of men, but still. Is the squeeze release wrong to use with friends? Maybe nudists should never hug, I thought as I pulled my trousers back on.


Simon Stratton, author of Career History, lost his MA in Creative Writing in a curry fight.


madam z said...

Thank you, Simon! It's great to have names for those two goodbye hugs. Experienced nudist huggers keep a towel handy for these potentially awkward situations. Works well for both the "squeeze release" and the "pat and out." It should be dry, however. And no holes.

Don P. said...

I always thought the "pat and out" hug was between two males, the one where one wants to signal to the other one, "Nope, not gay or anything."

V. said...



Madame Goodrich said...

This was humourous to say the least, with a little twinge of excitement to punctuate the ending. Heh!!

I happen to like the hard hug...the kind where you stay hugging them for a much, much longer time than they want and just when they try to release you go in for another squeeze.

Great 6!!!

writerwoman said...