Part 5 of 6 by Madam Z

I guess it’s the fact that the thing is in my head that it bothers me so much. A person’s head and brain is where the self is… that’s me in there, and I don’t want some stranger camping in there with me. Yes, I am considering the possibility that I may have some mental problems; that’s why I decided to see a psychiatrist, so I could find out for sure whether it’s ”all in my head,” or if it is in my head! I chose you, Dr. Emily Brown, because you’re a woman, and I figured a woman might be more understanding and willing to listen to all the details of my story. And you have been quite attentive, I must say. So what do you think, am I nuts or what?


Madam Z finds her padded cell quite comfortable, thank you. (Look for the conclusion of Headroom on Friday, May 25th.)


Harry said...

Can't wait to see what the good doctor unearths diggin' around in your noodle.

angela said...

Me too!!!!

Madame Goodrich said...

Well whatever is in your head, or is your head....so glad it is there because where else would we get all of the fabulous stories from???

caccy46 said...

"You should have your head examined"; "Wadda ya have a hole in your head?" Well, guess what...I had my head examined (an MRI), and what did it show???
I HAD A HOLE IN MY HEAD! I swear this is true - even leaked brain fluid from my ear - had it operated on, removed the little grape-like bit of brain that had fallen through the hole, plugged it up with some other bone, fascia and glue and gave me a great excuse every time I forget to do something. I just say - that must be the part of my brain they had to remove. I showed them!