Part 5 of 6 by Madam Z

I guess it’s the fact that the thing is in my head that it bothers me so much. A person’s head and brain is where the self is… that’s me in there, and I don’t want some stranger camping in there with me. Yes, I am considering the possibility that I may have some mental problems; that’s why I decided to see a psychiatrist, so I could find out for sure whether it’s ”all in my head,” or if it is in my head! I chose you, Dr. Emily Brown, because you’re a woman, and I figured a woman might be more understanding and willing to listen to all the details of my story. And you have been quite attentive, I must say. So what do you think, am I nuts or what?


Madam Z finds her padded cell quite comfortable, thank you. (Look for the conclusion of Headroom on Friday, May 25th.)