Part 2 of 6 by Madam Z

Sometimes I wonder if it could be my soul; the size would be about right. And if you’re wondering how I could know how big a soul would be, it’s from when I was a little kid, about seven or eight years old, and I went to a neighborhood church for a while, where they were always talking about “souls” and how the church could save our souls. I couldn’t figure out where or what my soul was, but saving it seemed like a good idea, since it must be pretty important or the preacher wouldn’t be talking about it all the time. Then one day when Mom was cleaning out a chicken, I saw her remove the gizzard, and I thought, Yeah, that must be what a soul looks like. So I was satisfied then, because I had a picture of my soul in my mind - it looked like a chicken gizzard and it resided right behind my bellybutton, in my abdomen. I continued to believe that for a few years and felt kind of sad when an anatomy class cast doubt on my theory.


Madam Z finds her padded cell quite comfortable, thank you. (Look for Part 3 of Headroom on Friday, May 11th.)