Forget Mars and Venus

by Jason Kranzusch

Bob addressed the ancient one and said, "Oh, wise Seer, tell me about women." The Seer replied, "The intelligence of a woman is determined by her proximity to three things: cats, chocolate and 'that time of the month.'" Bob inquired further saying, "What about men?" The Seer replied, "The intelligence of a man is determined by his proximity to one thing: a woman." Bob asked, "So, in effect, the fate of the world depends on cats, chocolate and menstruation?" The Seer replied, "Pretty much."


Jason Kranzusch, author of My, It's Crowded in Here, likes buffalo wings, blues music and basketball. He blogs at axegrinder and occasionally writes short stories at Poboy Muse.

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madam z said...

HEY! What about FLOWERS, oh Wiseass Seer??