An Eye for an Eye

by Rod Drake

The Great Dictator’s imperial helicopter lowered itself to the battlefield, now empty of life and littered, that was the only word to accurately describe it, with pieces of human bodies. Heads without noses or ears, crushed, bashed in, hands and arms, feet and limbs together and separate, mutilated torsos, a ghastly and limitless field of these bloody remains. The Great Dictator, hands proudly on his hips, stood defiantly surveying the human carnage, his latest massacre for ethnic cleansing or some such invented, insane belief. He laughed loudly, enjoying his triumph over these helpless, pitiful people, now no longer whole or a threat to his iron hand rule. A hand near the Great Dictator’s feet suddenly twitched to life and grabbed the dictator’s pants hem; then a foot and leg hurled itself up at the dictator’s back, knocking him off-balance as two different arms took hold of his legs and pulled him down to the ground where heads waited with mouths open and teeth ready to bite. As countless heads, hands, arms, feet, legs and torsos piled on the struggling, screaming Great Dictator, gouging, clawing and chewing savagely away at him, the helicopter lifted up into the sky and flew away.


Rod Drake, author of Debt Repaid, thinks about a lot of different things, and some of those thoughts get turned into stories. You just read one. Check out Rod's longer stories in Flashes of Speculation, Fictional Musings, Flash Flooding, Flash Forward and MicroHorror.


Rebecca Jane said...

Then George Romero stepped onto the scene and said, "CUT! CUT! That was all wrong! Let's run through this scene again. Damn cheap actors! The Zombie Squad missed its cue again! I swear, sometimes, I'd be better off dead."

madam z said...

I want to believe that this exquisite revenge is possible. The perpetrators of "massacre for ...some such invented, insane belief" too often go unpunished. Perhaps we could send this story to some of the current Dicktators operating around the globe today. That should put the "fear of ROD" in them!