The Right to Privacy

by Don Pizarro

Every day, I come home from work and hear you two screaming next door, breaking dishes and furniture and sometimes each other while your toddler wails. And if I can't drown it out with the TV and a beer, I stuff in the earbuds and crank up the iPod, too. That way, I can always be honest with the cops. "No, I really couldn't hear what was going on over there, sorry." You may never know what I do for you, but that's all right. It's a matter of principle.


Don Pizarro, author of Thick and Thin, lives in upstate NY. His writing has appeared online at McSweeney's, American Nerd, and Byzarium.


Anonymous said...

Excellent writing.

Sparkyfirepants said...

We're actually not fighting. It's a tape we play to drown out the sex noises. Sorry about that. ;)

Great piece!

Don P. said...

Thanks, folks! :)

RomanceWriter said...
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RomanceWriter said...

LOL at the matter of principal line.

I love the tone of this one.