My Closet

by Kimi Goodrich

I am afraid to open my closet. It is a walk-in closet, which means it is an entity unto itself, large and spacious, ready to be filled with my stuff, my belongings, my life. I have stuffed it to the gills; I have packed, jammed and let it store all of the things that make me… me. I love my closet, but tend to keep the door shut all of the time, only visiting it when absolutely necessary. It could be a morgue, a war zone or a cemetery with the amount of skeletons from the past that I house there. I hear them talk amongst themselves late at night, looking for an escape route, plotting a way to break free from my constraints, come out of the closet and dance joyfully in the bright sunshine, letting everyone see in broad daylight why they were buried in there for so long.


Kimi Goodrich, author of I'm Not Buying It, wants to thank all the kindred peeps who share their sixes and raise the bar on self expression. Rock on witcha badselves!


Anonymous said...

That girl can write. And you can quote me on that.

Madam Z said...

"That girl can write." So says anonymous and so say I.

But take it from me, Kimi. Those "skeletons" WILL escape. They will creep out of the closet and take residence in the attic, the basement, other closets, and whereever else they can get a toe-bone-hold. They will be fruitful and multiply. Because, what makes you...you...will grow with time, and you will always be reluctant to part with anything that important.

Madame Goodrich said...
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