The Distressed Damsel

by Saoirse Redgrave

The door splintered beneath the shoulders of the rescue party. “Princess, we’re here!” the Captain shouted as the crossbow bolts hummed past. She was kneeling by her kidnapper, loose; his head in her lap, his blood a cooling, thickening pool edging into the fine fabric of her skirts. But she leapt to her feet to greet her Captain — and slapped him. “He just freed me so we would have a true and lasting peace,” she snarled, rubbing her wrists. “You have doomed us all by rescuing me.”


Saoirse Redgrave has always written something. She is currently working on a historical romance novel (scoffing not allowed ;-) based on a bunch of old ballads with entries posted here, and has just posted some of her poetry (inadvertantly) here. She hopes you visit!