by Robert McEvily

I crave her. Want her. Need her. Love her. I've forgotten my life before her; can't imagine a future without her. (I've asked my heart surgeon friend and tattoo artist friend to combine their talents by inking her initials on my left ventricle, but they've both slapped me and told me to shut up.)


Robert McEvily, creator of Six Sentences, wishes Jill a very happy Valentine’s Day.


Maura said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Robert!

madam z said...

Your so-called friends just don't understand true love. On the other ventricle, Jill is a very lucky woman.

Kimberly said...


As always your 6 slaps the reader right at the end. This is a fantastic 6!

Louise Yeiser said...

Love this piece, Robert! Thank you for everything, and happy Valentines to you and Jill.

Beth said...

love your 6! jill is a lucky, lucky lady and i wish you both a belated happy valentine's day : )