by Ali Al Saeed

God created the universe in seven days. I destroyed myself in seven seconds. That’s how long it took me to pick up the gun and shoot my baby. I wonder how long it would take God to destroy his own universe? Can he bring himself to do it? I’m not quite sure he could.


Ali Al Saeed was born in 1978 in Bahrain and wrote his first story at the age of ten. He rediscovered his passion for writing ten years later when he became a journalist in 1998 and has been writing professionally since then for a number of leading newspapers and publications. Ali is the recipient of the Bahrain Outstanding Book of the Year Award for his debut novel QuixotiQ (2004). His second book of fiction, Moments, a collection of short stories, was published in 2006. His stories have appeared in a number of anthologies, literary journals and magazines. To learn more about Ali and his work, please visit his Official Website.

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