Rejoice in Love

by Sherry Heyl

Why is it important to create, to do your best and to share your dreams? It is because not only does it give you strength, it encourages others to be bold in their endeavors and to know what is possible. It is better to take pride in yourself and celebrate your glory than to chain yourself to the ground with bitterness and jealousy. Celebrate and you will be with others rejoicing in celebration. Live and you will be recognized by the living. Allow yourself to be consumed by love so that it overwhelms you and becomes the only thing you are able to give.


Sherry Heyl is an idealist in every sense of the word who truly believes in the power of authentic and entertaining writing.


Bob Jacobs said...

Is this really the most viewed, yet has no comments? How strange. I guess it's an oldie. Still. Sherry, you have a *great* outlook on life. Are you slim? I bet you're slim. Nice 6S.

Sherry Heyl said...

wow- this is the most viewed?!?

I guess I need to contribute more to the site. Thanks to Robert for encouraging me to write this post...more to come...