Mental Chess

by Rod Drake

“So you claim you can read people’s minds?” “That’s right.” “What am I thinking right now, old friend?” Rick asked. “You’re wondering if I know that you’re sleeping with my girlfriend.” “My God, that’s incredible, unbelievable; look, I’m sorry that you found out like this, but, well, Gwen loves me more than you, so that’s that, I guess.” Greg smiled a funny little smile: “Oh, by the way, I also have another ability -- I can shut down minds permanently.”


Rod Drake, author of Suppertime, enjoys watching Heroes, Veronica Mars and Smallville when he isn’t writing flash fiction. Check out Rod's longer stories in Flashing in the Gutters, Flashes of Speculation, Fictional Musings, Flash Flooding, Flash Forward, MicroHorror and AcmeShorts.