Blue Mink

by Lauren Collins

A few years ago, Ervin Rosenfeld was asked to make a mink jacket for the Bronx rapper Fat Joe. This would not be just any mink jacket; it had to be the pale blue of a Tiffany box, light as champagne fizz, and flattering to a man who was said to weigh three hundred and seventy pounds. Equipped with Fat Joe’s favorite North Face parka as a template, Rosenfeld set to work on the garment, for a video called “We Thuggin’.” He tracked down a skin, a white ranched female mink, and had it dyed the requested hue; after stitching the pieces together, he cut up pillows and stuffed the material between the fur and the lining, to get a quilted effect. The resulting creation, a size-XXXXXL bomber jacket, was ready for delivery in three days. But there was a problem: Fat Joe was indeed so fat that Rosenfeld didn’t have enough blue mink left to fulfill the other half of the commission – R. Kelly was meant to appear alongside Fat Joe in an identical coat.


Lauren Collins is a staff writer at The New Yorker. Her six sentences are a slightly-altered version of the opening paragraph of “Mink Inc.,” her article on Ervin Rosenfeld, which appeared in the magazine’s October 23, 2006 issue.


alan thomas said...

lauren, interesting story.. and well written! if fat joe's coat was too small, they could just use the material to make twelve coats for r. kelly.. ... by the way, this is alan reamer from wilmington. i'm so impressed that you're working for The New Yorker! (you rock.) how is your family? ... this website just accepted two of my six sentence stories to be published later this month. ... i also just finished a short story a day or two ago, and i would really appreciate your opinion on it. email me at mindfuli2004@yahoo.com and i can send it to ya! talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lauren,
Read your entertaining article on the Royal Wedding (May 2/ 2011).

Just one weeny whinge. For quite a number of years, my British passport classifies me as a BRITISH CITIZEN. Hooray! We are no longer humble and supposedly loyal SUBJECTS! Not at all PC these days. Some of us, including the undersigned, say our nationality as Scottish. Not, however, official AS YET.


Triona MacLellan